Shurewood Chronicle

Orlando and the Game

Circenn steps out of the forest. The City of Thurgaton lies ahead. Walking along the track a burly figure come before him dragging something behind, a person. The creature drops the person and charges at Circenn. With some effort the creature is defeated and he tends to the women that was being drag, who is bleeding and unconsious. After a small time she awakes in fright and runs away in terror. Hassled by a caravan he slow makes it into town.

The group wake after their adventurous night of being robbed. The learn about The Game, hoping to find a way to get money back to give to Orlando. Wandering around town they find they are being followed. The chase begins. Running through the streets they manage to catch up to the begger who was spying on them and forcefully get information out of them. The begger was asked by Orlando to watch them. He had heard about stranger people in town asking his name. Circenn joins the group.

The begger leads the group to the Weatherby Pub where Orlando is secretly hiding in an room under the floor. He offer a drink to the group slipping a sleeping drug in to each of them. When everyone but Calanthus falls asleep Orlando bluffs him into saying it was a deadly poison and he must comply and then he will administer the antidote. The group bar Calanthus and Francis is taken to a holding cell at the Game where the characters wake, stripped of all but their clothing and unknowing to where they are and why. I comes obvious after the talk of others arround about the Game that they are now combatants.

The next day they are put into the game. The although the trial of the game was challenging the group manage just to be victorious.



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