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Shurewood Chronicles

Where Robyn and the Merry band take on a whole new twist.

This game runs with the concept of the old Robin Hood story of a group that stay outside the law and uses the forest to keep them hidden. The community lost to the region, fuelling stories of ghosts in the woods. A group of individuals have all come to Shurewood forest under different circumstances and join in the struggle of Robyn to help the folk of Notthamshire to survive in the tyrant rein of Duke William.

Each player prior to the game are running through there own mini adventure via a play by post style via Facebook messages. The characters come to the area unknowing of Robyn's group and get introduced in different ways. The characters as basically level 0 and when entering the forest will gain or hone the proper skills to help them survive in this new life of noble bandits.

The game is a low magic, extreamly low magic item game. It is not what the characters have that will define them but what they can do.

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